Selected Short Work

River Teeth — Winter 2008

“Feels Like Detroit”—A Rock and Roll Love Story of Sorts

Every love story is also a tragedy. Or at least someone once told me that. One of my favorite love stories is the song “What I Like About You” by The Romantics. It’s one of the top money-earning songs in rock and roll history.┬áThe tragedy is the story of where the money went, and how. […]


Barrelhouse — Fall 2005

“Home From the War: An Appreciation of Magnum, PI”

It’s no secret to my friends that Magnum, PI was my favorite television show. After hearing news about the prospect Magnum, PI reboot, I wrote this confession: I was the kid who started calculating how many suburban half-acres I would have to mow in order to buy a red Ferrari 308. Like Thomas Sullivan Magnum, […]