"Fast-paced, energetic, searing..." --Daniel Alarcón, author of Lost City Radio

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Little Black Daydream

Steve Kistulentz's second book of poems, Little Black Daydream, is a chronicle of postcapitalist America. With a precise ear for the American patois, it addresses the uncertainty of the future at the exact moment when those questions are at the forefront of our culture.

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The Luckless Age

Steve Kistulentz’s The Luckless Age stands at the end of the nuclear era, bridging the Cold War’s age of anxiety and the false hope of “morning in America.” It’s a landscape populated by the forgotten and marginalized, reported from the mosh pit and the boardroom, the bedroom and the bar. Its voice emerges above the white noise of modern broadcasting to paint a portrait of America at once brutal, honest, and yet hopeful at its core.

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